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6 Secret Peaceful Spots On Maui

Each time that Maui is mentioned, you will think about a vacation and having fun on the island. With over 2 million visitors to Maui each year, you may find that you need some alone time for deep relaxation. The following are the best secret and peaceful spots on Mai for you to have some time away from the masses:

  1. Oneloa Beach
    This is one of the most remote beaches you will find in Maui. There are not a lot of people on this beach. You can rest on this sandy beach comfortably without dealing with lots of noises and people.
  2. Turtle Town
    Get to spend some alone time with beautiful sea life and vibrant coral reef. Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles can give you some quite company as you glance around. Find peace as you watch their presence and playful antics.
  3. Sacred Gardens
    This garden is located in the North Shore’s Haiku region. It is found within the rainforest. This botanical nursery and spiritual center is a perfect getaway for you away from Maui’s buzz.
  4. Temple of Peace
    This beautiful temple is located in the North Shore area of Haiku. It is filled with tranquil energy. It contains an infrared sauna, a cold pool, and a steam room perfect for peaceful relaxation.
  5. Makawao Forest Reserve
    This reserve is located within upcountry Maui. It guarantees you some alone and peaceful time away from the popular Maui spots. You can see spectacular views of Maui from this peaceful reserve.
  6. Kula Botanical Gardens
    This 8 acres of botanical gardens are ideal if you want some peaceful time. Koi ponds and waterfalls add to the beauty of these gardens. Located in upcountry Maui, you can simply sit and relax as you breathe Maui’s fresh air.

Maui is a fantastic place to visit. During times when you need to have some secret and peaceful times, you should visit these spots. You will be able to relax and enjoy your time peacefully away from the masses.

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