APPC – The Arson Prevention Program For Children

Do you know a young person who is setting fires, its time to get them into “The Arson Prevention Program for Children” (TAPPC).
Fire fatalities involving children are often started by children, and many of those children had been caught playing with matches lighters in the past.
TAPPC is a diversion program run in cooperation with the Kinark Child and Family Services. If a child, age 3-17, is found playing with matches or lighters, or setting materials on fire, they can receive counseling from specially trained firefighters and Kinark staff. The objective is to educate the child and family about fire hazards around the home, the danger and impact of fires and physical burns, and what to do if their clothing catches fire.
For more information contact Peterborough Fire Services Fire and Life Safety Public Educator 705-745-3284