While emergency services in other areas are focused on borders and jurisdiction, Peterborough area fire departments routinely help each other in times of need. This includes sharing expertise and equipment between area municipalities:

PFD’s latest truck – Spartan Gladiator 2003

Station 1
Sherbrooke St.

Station 2
North End

Station 3
South End

(1) Command Suburban
(1) Fire Investigation Suburban
(1) Training Vehicle – Toyota Tundra
(1) Chevrolet 3/4 ton
(1) Chevrolet 3/4 ton with Water Tank for Grass fires
(1) Public Education Van – Chevrolet Astro

Airport Crash Tender

1993 Spartan Gladiator Aerial – 100 ft

Extended 100 ft

Pump 2 + Pump 3 – 1995 Spartan Rescue Pumpers
# Spartan Chassis (USA)
# Detroit Diesel Engine – 350 HP
# Hale Pump – 5000 Liters Per Minute
# Nova Quintech Cabinets (Quebec)

Peterborough’s 1927 American LaFrance – Model 145

Built in Toronto Canada for the City of Peterborough in 1927. In service until about 1950. Sold to Baltimore Fire Department in 1956. Purchased by Burford Auto Parts in 1960 and refurbished by the Holden Brothers to present condition by 1966. In 1997 after agreeing on a price and raising the funds through commercial agencies, it was purchased by the Peterborough Professional Firefighters Association, International Association of Firefighters – Local #519. Originally equipped with a double magneto and a battery/coil system each cylinder is equipped with 3 spark plugs! Sometime during its service the double magneto was changed to a single magneto and battery/coil system which continued to provide a dual ignition safety factor insuring the truck could be started when needed. Currently only two of the three plugs in each cylinder are operational.

Horsepower = 130 hp
6 Cylinders
Cylinder bore = 5.5 inches (13.5 cm)
Piston Stroke = 6 inches (15 cm)
Displacement = 855 cubic inches
Spark Plugs = 3 per cylinder
Fuel = Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity = 50 Imperial Gallons


Water Tank Capacity = 60 imperial Gallons
Centrifugal Pump
2 Impellers
Capacity is 840 Gallons per minutes

If you have questions about “Old Pump 1”, please contact the President of Local 519 – Peterborough Professional Firefighters Association. You can reach Local 519 Union President through Central Headquarters (Main Hall) @ 745-3281.