How To Do A Deep Kitchen Clean Up

A deep kitchen clean up is necessary to ensure your kitchen remains neat and organized. A dusty refrigerator top, stinky sink, and dirty walls aren’t ideal for your kitchen. Deep cleaning needs to happen to make it conducive.

Get your kitchen towels, linens, and aprons ready for cleaning. Start by using a few essential oil drops and water to steam clean your microwave. Don’t forget to clean your kitchen’s hood. You can let it to hood cleaning services.

Zap the sponges you have used to clean your microwave. Use the sponges together with some water, vinegar, and essential oil to degrease your cooker. Completely wipe any food remains and stains.

Then head for your trash can. Use a water and vinegar solution to clean the trash can once you’ve taken out the trash bag. To deodorize, sprinkle some baking soda.

Sniff your drain to find out whether there’s a stench. If there is, use a combination of table salt, vinegar, and baking soda to freshen your drain. This deodorizes your sink doing away with the foul smell.

Inspect your windows to see whether there is grease or any fingerprints. You can use a glass cleaner to wipe elements or fingerprints off your windows. Alternatively, you can make your own glass cleaner by mixing essential oil, vinegar, and water.

Your messy fridge also needs cleaning. Wipe and clean the shelves and drawers. Then, organize the items in your fridge. This will help you get rid of stuff cluttered in your fridge that you barely use.

Finally, its time to clean your walls and kitchen floor. Make sure your walls are cleaned off all spilled food, grime, and grease. Use water and a microfiber polishing cloth to leave surfaces spotless. Also, remember to vacuum, sweep and mop your kitchen floor. This does away with any dirt embedded on your floor. If your kitchen has mold, call a pro to clean it. Oahumold.com is a professional in mold remediation.

If you experience water damage caused by leaking pipes, call a water removal service that can clean up the water urgently.

Deep cleaning your kitchen helps to remove dirt. You can also declutter your kitchen thereby making it organized. Once you are done deep cleaning, your kitchen remains spotless and fresh.

Clean your grease trap regularly. It is best if you let it to a pro. Everett grease trap cleaning can help you with it.

If you saw bed bugs during your inspections, call a pro to exterminate them. Bedbugbuffalo.com is a professional in this field.

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